INSTALLING THE RUBBER EDGES – On the place where tiles will be installed there should be prepared a basement with rubber edges against burdening, freeze and for drainage.

DIGGING THE DITCH – Thickness of digging should be 10-20 cm when using rubber tiles in thickness 10-100 mm. Drainage should be cared about!

MAKING OF GRAVEL BASE (lower level) – The 10 cm thick gravel base (is of 0-20 mm granules) should be compressed by vibrator.

MAKING OF GRAVEL BASE (upper level) – The 3 cm thick gravel base (is of 0-20 mm granules) should be compressed by vibrator and thus the basement will be hard enough for rubber tiles installment.

THE INSTALLING STRIP – Let’s roll the strip upon the area (bright side upwards) in the entire length. Cut the strip at the ends of the area. With the help of a paint roller cover the strip by adhesive and place the rubber tiles upon. And repeat this process until the entire are is covered by tiles.


The rubber cover shall be installed by adhering to concrete substrate, while the appropriate drainage is ensured (a slope of 2-3 % is recommended). The surface to be adhered shall be free from dust, dirt and humidity before installing the rubber cover, as well as after the installation for 24 hours. The concrete substrate shall be even and free from depressions and waves. The concrete substrates that are still fresh and not set are not suitable for adhering.   

The adhesive shall be applied intermittently so that the natural and effluent water could be drained. The rubber adhesive shall be applied on the concrete substrate. If the adhesive gets foamed during installation, then it is required to wait until it becomes dry, then the foam part shall be removed. If the entire surface is adhered, then the removal of water is hindered, which could lead to freezing and bumps on the rubbed surface. The coverage of the adhesive distributed by us is 0.33 kg/m2. The load carrying capacity of the installed cover depends entirely on the substructure, the rubber cover do not suffer permanent deformation in case of high load. It is recommended to install our rubber cover products while the ambient temperature is in the range 15-25 °C. It is required to consider the change of volume (± 1,5%) that can occur when the temperature varies during installation.

Cutting of rubber covers

The rubber should be cut with jigsaw using the wavy blades distributed by us, which is suitable for cutting soft material.


A yellow discolouring could appear on the walking surface of the rubber sheets because of strong UV radiation, which is caused by the properties of the adhesive used during manufacture. This yellow discolouring will disappear gradually during the continuous use.


We undertake a 3 years long warranty for our rubber cover products. The warranty is valid only if the product is adhered to solid substrate according to TÜV specifications in compliance with the above installation instructions. (The document verifying the purchase shall be shown when a complaint is submitted).

The warranty is NOT valid in the following cases:

– If the installation and/or the maintenance is not made in a professional manner.
– If wear and tear occurs as a result of environmental effect, or is damaged by insects.
– If the product is damages by inadvertent or intentional action, vandalism, inappropriate use.
– If differences occur in the colour shades of the rubber cover products, which are the results of the recycled base material used for the production.
– Our products made from recycled rubber grinding are not UV resistant, their colour becomes gradually darker upon the action of strong sunshine, but their other properties do not change. (If this is considered a problem, then it is recommended to use our UV resistant EPDM rubber covers, which are coloured in their materiel.)
– The C.S.O. Trading and Rubber Processing Ltd cannot assume responsibility if the rubber sheets are used in an inappropriate manner or used for other purpose than  intended.
– The warranty covers only the replacement of the damaged rubber covers. Eventual additional costs (demolition of faulty cover, transporting back, costs of installation of new product, etc.) will not be reimbursed by the C.S.O. Trading and Rubber Processing Ltd.