Our rubber cover provides a non-slip and flexible flooring for Gyms, Fitness and CrossFit Clubs. Protects your sports equipment and your floor cover from the impact of noise of falling weights of the bumpers, while the rubber flooring is a perfect heat and sound proof warm covering.

The 10x1000x1000mm Training rubber sheets and the 15x1000x1000mm Fitness rubber sheets are recommended for all Gyms.

The 30x1000x1000mm CrossFit rubber tiles are developed specially for CrossFit Clubs.

The rubber cover is easy to cut, can be customized with a manual saw, can be glued as needed. Maintenance is simple, can be cleaned with a broom or with vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to consider the water permeability of the product – so it is abundant to wash with lots of water! The offer rubber starter profile, which can be used as a border piece, provides a solution for accident-free bridging of level differences. We are selling the fitness rubber floorings for retailers and wholesales.

Advantages of our rubber tiles:
– shock absorption capability
– flexible, non-slip, smooth surface
– homogeneous and mixed color surface patterns
– easy to cut, easy to install
– no maintenance requirement


Crossfit bumper plates

Made of 100% recycled rubber. One set = 100 kg

2 x 5 kg
2 x 10 kg
2 x 15 kg
2 x 20 kg

Attila Lajkó

Export Manager