Stand easer and Ramps
15mm thick, 1000×1000 mm recycled rubber tiles for workstations. The shock absorber material spares the spine, while it functions as a warm floor. Our rubber „starter” profile can be used as the starting edge for different floor covers or for leveling of any different flooring levels. Up to an elevation height of 20-100 mm. Fixing on any solid surface can be solved with rubber glue. 

Rubber mats in rolls for insulations
TOP is a structural protection mat for high-quality waterproofing systems and insulation systems which provides physical protection in compliance with DIN 18195 Part 10. TOP recycled rubber roll provides reliable and efficient protection of waterproofing on flat roofs, green roofs, terraces, parking garage decks and underground parking garages. TOP is equally successful in other applications including below-ground structures, bridge and road construction, garden construction and landscaping

Technical data

Top  4 mm125 cm15 m68 kg18,75206,2511
Top  6 mm125 cm10 m68 kg12,5137,511
Top  8 mm125 cm8 m72 kg1011011
Top  10 mm125 cm6 m68 kg7,582,511
Top  15 mm125 cm4 m68 kg55511

Attila Lajkó

Export Manager