Polo rubber tiles
Due to the thermal insulation ability of the rubber cover it is excellent to use for stables, washrooms, open areas, running mashines. The bottom of the plates have „feets”, so they can drain the water well. Less straw, letter! An important advantage of POLO stable rubber ti les is that there is an air cushion forming at the bottom part of the profile. Thanks to this, it is less demand for straw, you can reduced the need by up to 70%, which saves you from sourcing and storage. Time to time, the bottom of the plates are to be washed with water. The rubber cover is non-slip, antifreeze and has good water-permeability. Even after heavy rain, the water does not stop on the surface. We are selling the horse rubber floorings for retailers and wholesales.

Advantages of our rubber tiles:
– heat insulation- shock absorption capability
– flexible, smooth, non-slip surface
– not letting water/moist through
– rapid drying, higher purity, no slack
– easy to cut- easy to install
– no maintenance requirement
– essential to modern-hygienic animal husbandry 
– easy to clean

Available color: black

Attila Lajkó

Export Manager