The advantage of poured rubber surfaces over conventional rubber sheets is that they provide a uniform and aesthetic surface. The EPDM rubber granulate in the upper layer is fabric-resistant and is resistant to abrasion, water permeable and UV resistant. The rubber granulate mixture is poured directly into the prepared area in a semi-fluid state, which solidifies within a short period of time and produces a sophisticated high-quality rubber cover. When installing the casing to suit the site, any shape and pattern can be freely formed, colors can be combined, and the casing can be easily repaired in case of a possible injury. We can install the rubber cover according to the requirements of the playground in various thicknesses, which are perfectly suitable for accident prevention. In addition to the anti-fall protection, the outstanding feature of the casing is the ability to build a barrier-free playground, and the stable surface is suitable for wheelchair users. The quick and professional installation guarantees a high quality, durable, low-maintenance playground.We can produce poured in place rubber floors only in Hungary.

Available EPDM rubber granulate colours

Attila Lajkó

Export Manager