Our soft, flexible rubber sheets are made from 100% recycled rubber granulate, with UV stable dyeing in our own factory. Rubber pads are recommended for playgrounds as shock absorbing floor coverings (to be choosen based on the critical height table bellow). These rubber pads are also ideal around swimming pools, and non-slip, accident protection surfaces. These protective rubber surfaces greatly contribute to minimizing the risk of an accident. We are selling the safety rubber floorings for retailers and wholesales. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the quality standards of the TÜV institute, they have the certificate of conformity according to EN 1177: 2008.  Our EPDM rubber sheets are made of UV-resistant EPDM granulates in order to achieve even greater color durability. The EPDM rubber pad consists of two layers, the lower part is from black SBR rubber granulates, and the upper layer is made of a color EPDM granulates. 

Advantages of our rubber tiles:
– shock absorption capability
– Flexible, smooth surface
– excellent water permeability
– non-slip surface
– rapid drying, higher purity, no slack
– homogeneous and scattered patterns
– For EPDMs, special color fastness
– easy to install, easy to cut
– no maintenance requirement
– Environmentally friendly product from recycled materials

Available colors (by using paint powder)

 Available with black SBR and UV stable EPDM Mix

Technical data

B80 rubber tile80 mm500×500 mm58 kg4152,60 m
B60 rubber tile60 mm500×500 mm40 kg4202,10 m
B50 rubber tile50 mm500×500 mm31 kg4251,70 m
B45 rubber tile45 mm500×500 mm29 kg4301,50 m
B40 rubber tile40 mm500×500 mm29 kg4331,30 m
B32 rubber tile32 mm500×500 mm23 kg4401,00 m

Zsuzsanna Kisteleki

sales manager

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