Our rubber tiles for sports tracks/fields , which are 1000×1000 mm, easy to install on all surfaces. Our sports fields from rubber sheets provide a high level of safety for athletes on the field. The rubber cover greatly contributes to keep the joints of the athletes safe and, in case of an accident, protect the athlete from injuries. The 1000 x 1000 mm rubber cover is available with a split pattern of 500 x 500 mm, making it the perfect solution for playground floorings as well. We are selling the rubber floorings for retailers and also for wholesales.

Advantages of our rubber tiles:
– shock absorption capability
– Flexible, smooth surface
– excellent water permeability
– non-slip surface
– rapid drying, higher purity, no slack
– different colors
– homogeneous and scattered patterns
– no maintenance requirement
– Environmentally friendly product from recycled material

Available colors (by using paint powder)

 Available with black SBR and UV stable EPDM Mix

Technical data

ProductThickness  Lengh/Widthkg/m2pcs/m2m2/pal.HIC fall hight
A60 rubber tile60 mm1000×1000 mm42 kg   1202,00 m
A50 rubber tile50 mm1000×1000 mm32 kg   1251,70 m
A45 rubber tile45 mm1000×1000 mm32 kg1301,50 m
A45 rubber tile40 mm1000×1000 mm28 kg   1401,30 m
A30 rubber tile30 mm1000×1000 mm20 kg   1401,00 m

Zsuzsanna Kisteleki

sales manager

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